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LED Backdrop

August 24, 2010
Contact: Chris Sandberg (562) 799-1555

Rancho Dominguez, CA - Live tour producers are always looking for ways to add spark to a stage without spending a fortune on fabrication, rigging and transport. The producers of the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour turned to Rent What? Inc. for the perfect solution: their Starlight LED backdrop.

These innovative backdrops and drapes with starry illumination are fitted with fields of blue-white LEDs woven into flexible, lightweight black 15 oz. Encore fabric. They are replacing the bulkier fiber optic drapes, which tour producers have found less functional for the touring marketplace. The effect is a surprisingly realistic starry night sky, but the speed, intensity and other characteristics of the LED lights can be controlled and modified to suit the artistic needs of the production designer. (The DMX-addressable controller can operate as a stand-alone system or as part of the lighting board.)

“Our clients love the LED Stardrops,” said Rent What? Inc. partner Marce Forrester. “We’ve seen very exciting single-events using these drops as well as very elaborate touring productions like ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ ‘Beach House,’ and ‘Maxwell.’ All of them are completely stunning from the audiences’ perspective, large or intimate.”

Forrester says that show designers have also intensified the on-stage excitement by combining the LED backdrops with other Rent What? Drapery Collections, including their Rock ’n Red Drapery Collection as well as other multimedia environments, for a fully engaging visual feast.


The drapery rental company’s LED backdrops are produced in sections of 15’ by 30’, but can be easily linked together seamlessly for much larger stages. TV and film productions also use the LED backdrops because of their ease-of-use and realistic starry night sky effects on the screen. “Our whole purpose is to provide the entertainment industry with a wide choice of creative solutions not typically found in the rental business,” added Forrester.

Recently, Rent What? Inc. was again contracted by So You Think You Can Dance to provide rental Starlight LED drops for the upcoming 2010-11 tour.

Visit Rent for more information about the Star LED backdrops.

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