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You get the venue. We rent the rest.

At Rent What? we've got the rental drapes for just about any kind of stage, studio or theater. But when you rent from Rent What? you're getting more than flame retardant fabrics, stage curtains, pipe and drape systems and theatrical drapery supplies. You get our breed of service! That, in a word, is what separates Rent What? from all the rest.

We know what really matters to production managers and special event producers: straightforward, simplified pricing with no hidden costs, affordable rental insurance so you're not thrown off budget when **** happens, and inventory tailored to reflect what you actually want, rather than just what's lying around.

And of course, you get the most dedicated personal service anywhere – any time.

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> 3.25.14 - Sew What? Inc. Stage Drapery Videos to Feature Less Recognized, Local and Unsigned Musicians.
Megan Duckett, president of Sew What? Inc., a stage drapery manufacturer, reports on their online video production and marketing aims for 2014.

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Proper Storage of Your Stage and Event Drapes Will Keep Them Looking Great for Years to Come

So, you have just purchased beautiful new custom stage or event drapes. If your drapes will spend most of their […]

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